About Me

Judy Cocu

I realize that my life has been a rich tapestry of experiences, all intertwining with a common thread throughout.

I was always different, never quite fitting in to the normal patterns and pastimes of contemporaries, reasonably solitary, but always with a deeper understanding than the superficial.

I was about 7 when I first realized about altered states of consciousness and had a knowing that they could be reached without any ingested stimulants.  I could feel and occasionally see presences and I was intuitive.  I had “memories” but of course, in those days, it was put down to a vivid imagination!!

My mid teen years saw a voracious devouring of metaphysical books, an early marriage followed by the birth of my son a few years later, divorce and a long stint of single parenthood before marrying again.

In my early 20’s, I studied Acupuncture and gained my Practitioner Diploma.  That period gave me an understanding of energy and it’s pathways through the body, plus overall knowledge of energy per se.

I then embarked on a life of adventure! I bought a Kombi campervan and set off with my infant son to find a new life – and what a life that’s been!!

I have been fortunate in being able to have a balance of both left and right brain activities, dabbling in all sorts of creative pastimes such as acting, painting, lead lighting, writing and numerous crafts, as well as academic studies.

After a period of part time work whilst my son was very young, I retrained as a Computer Programmer, then entered the travel industry and started on yet another new direction.  I studied within that field and gained the highest accreditation, becoming a Travel Manager and ran several travel agencies throughout that time.  This gave me the opportunity to have numerous overseas journeys.

I then met my present husband, who operated a canoe and rafting business, and we joined our skills to embark on an outdoor adventure company.

I was born in Brisbane, moved to Mackay and Townsville when first married, ended up in Melbourne whilst a single mum, but as the financial devastation of the late 80’s found it’s mark, the 3 of us moved to Cairns where a booming tour industry lured us.

Yet another change in career!!  I did a bridging course and was employed by the TAFE college to teach within the Tourism & Hospitality Faculty.  I balanced part time work there with doing readings based on the Aura Light/Aura Soma system of colour healing.  Eventually, I was offered a full contract by TAFE and ended up teaching 15 subjects as well as developing modules for a national tourism curriculum.

We all enjoyed our life in Cairns, but time to move on again!  My son was independent and moved to Adelaide, so we left home too!!!  We embarked upon a “homeless” life, travelling full time in a motorhome, building a new business based on a range of souvenir products.  We crisscrossed the country, staying north in winter, south in summer and spent several years enjoying an itinerant lifestyle.  We met hundreds of people of all different backgrounds and experiences, creating a further richness to life.

Upon finding a nice spot in East Gippsland Victoria, on the lakes, we finally put down some roots.

And yes, time for another career change for me.   This time, I embarked upon a Diploma of Arts course in Furniture Design.  Another period of intense creativity resulting in the design of a garden product which then became my focus for retailing for a period of 6 years.

I continue to write and most recently, have produced a 10-book series for my granddaughter.  I developed some new skills in illustration, having to create miniscule models to accompany the stories.  That was quite a challenge but also a lot of fun!!

As life would have it, I spent the greater part of 2018 reading Dolores Cannon’s numerous books and felt such resonance that I knew I had to take it further.  The universe removed all the roadblocks that stood in the way of me being able to attend the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique live course in February of 2019 and there I was, embarking upon what I now consider to be the most important period of my life.

In 2020, we faced rapidly changing times with all manner of restrictions temporarily placed upon us. This has allowed time to develop more creative ways of helping people via different delivery systems. The use of live platforms has enabled many people to continue working their modalities remotely and, for me, another technology learning curve!! I am currently enjoying doing Group Past Life Regressions online, attracting world wide participants!! This will be a fascinating year to look back on and understand the growth that so many people will experience given the factors affecting the global community.

So now in 2021, I have qualified as a Level 3 QHHT Practitioner. I am honoured to achieve this and thank all those who have supported my journey thus far. I have also qualified as a Certified Practitioner of Soul Speak. This course has added to my skill set, providing additional tools to enhance my sessions.

I am so passionate about my work and would love to take us both on an adventure!!!