I was honoured to be named the Practitioner of the Month of the official QHHT site: QHHTOfficial.com April 2021

Judy is a gifted practitioner and I recommend her to anyone seeking insight into their lives.
My session with Judy was fascinating and transformative. I felt an instant and genuine rapport with her calm, respectful and inquisitive energy. She provided a safe and nurturing space to discuss my current life experiences and allowed me to take as much time as I needed.  Then through the hypnosis, she enabled me to explore the themes and experiences of past lives to bring clarity and healing on the physical, emotional and mental planes. I now know what my path is and I can use what has been uncovered to propel me forward with love, light and laughter rather than the hidden holding me back through fear and doubt.  With respect and gratitude.

Helen Nov 20

Thank you Judy, for giving me the experience of QHHT. It has brought many changes to my life so far. It has been very subtle and profound at the same time, and still ongoing.  Regards.

Glenys Sept 20

I received a session with Judy last week.

It was magical, amazing and filled with healing and insights.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked in but Judy made me feel comfortable, relaxed and was so easy to talk to.

I felt no fear or resistance during the process and the results are amazing!

It’s hard to put into words the changes I have felt since seeing Judy.

I am confident and no longer feel doubt. The physical changes are amazing! I am doing things I haven’t in years! And NOT feeling tired afterwards.

I can now see the positives in my life and how much I have already achieved.

Experiencing / witnessing my past lives and how they have in turn affected this life was interesting, enlightening and funny.  

I am deeply grateful for meeting Judy and experiencing her session.

Sarah Sep 20

The QHHT session with you was amazing!  From it I gained confirmation and confidence in myself.  My journey continues as, during this lockdown, I have read Jesus and the Essenes and The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth….  mind blowing stuff and so relevant to where I am/we are at this moment!  My consciousness has expanded and I now understand My connection to EVERYTHING, to Source! 

So thank you again.  Life changing, amazing!  I would recommend this experience to anyone (in fact I have). 

Vanessa Aug 20

l attended a QHHT session at Judy’s beautiful home, the room specially set up to facilitate clients. l felt so peaceful. Judy explained the process clearly. The experience was so remarkable and l feel blessed.  l was needing some issues healed and Judy definitely helped me.  l highly recommend Judy Cocu and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Andreana, Aug 20

I had a wonderful QHHT session with Judy. Judy guided me on a very interesting journey where I was able to understand the reasons behind repetitive situations and physical ailments throughout my life. This allowed healing to occur. It was a real “eye opener ” to say the least. Thanks Judy.       

Roslyn, Jul 20

Thank you, Judy for such a beautiful relaxing yet rewarding session of Quantum healing hypnosis.

I have been lost for quite some time and lots of doubts who I am and where I’m going.

Judy helped me with friendliness, warmth and quiet spoken voice during the hypnosis, awoke some fears, but then healed them and made me feel I’m doing great and I’m on my right path.

Thank you again Judy much love and light beautiful soul.

Karen, Jul 20

 I attended a QHHT session with Judy Cocu recently and did not know exactly what to expect but I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Judy’s energy and calm relaxed me straight away and I felt so listened to and respected. It was so easy to open up and share time and space with Judy. She provided a most beautiful container within my QHHT session to travel the realms and find answers to questions that have always puzzled my human existence in this life. I am deeply grateful for Judy and the QHHT modality for giving me this beautiful gift of knowing and healing, through love, peace and harmony I now see and feel the light within. All my Birthdays and Christmas’s came all at once. I highly recommend those who seek answers have a session. Bless you and thank you again you beautiful soul.

Gail Jul 20

Judy facilitated a Group Past Life Regression, and it was such a wonderful experience. Judy has such a calming caring voice and I felt totally safe and relaxed in her presence. I was easily regressed back to a Past life, along with getting a message from my Guardian angel, this helped me to make sense of an issue I have had for a long time. I have no hesitation in recommending Judy in facilitating your QHHT session.

Bel May 20

Thank you Judy, for allowing the space for me to explore what I had hidden from myself. Excellent experience, in gratitude.

D, May 2020

The Group Regression was structured in a clear, concise, organised manner. I was provided with a Pre-Session document which outlined tips for the session which was great, as it maximised my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my session.

I have a deeper understanding of questions that I needed clarification on, in a supportive, fun, interactive environment amongst like minded individuals.

Thank you Judy

Kelly, April 2020

Judy is an excellent QHHT practitioner – she is very committed to helping people and has a beautiful heart-centred energy!

Beatrice, Mar 20

“My personal session with Judy left me feeling enlightened and inspired.

It has given me clarity & purpose to continue on my journey and pursue my goals & aspirations.

I’ve learnt to trust and be navigated more by my intuition, and to be more open to the possibilities.

Many questions I had were answered and I felt comfortable to express my inner thoughts in a non-judgmental, professional, safe environment .

Thank-you Judy, I’m grateful I met you.  You are extremely gifted in what you do and I encourage and thoroughly recommend others to seek out your services.”

Kelly, March 2019

Thank you Judy for the wonderful session we had last week. 

I’m so happy with the results and feel a strong sense of direction as a result of the two lifetimes we visited and the information that came with those lifetimes.   
I’m filled with a new sense of self-confidence and purpose.   
It was a real pleasure to meet you and go on such a life-changing journey.

Susan, March 2019

Judy Cocu is a gifted healer and facilitator. She is very tuned in and completely there for the client. Judy helped me uncover my past and my present as well as a view into who I am and what the future holds for me.

I highly recommend Judy as your facilitator as you explore your present, past and any area of your reality you seek to understand.

Thank you Judy.

Robert , March, 2019

Thanks Judy for a most amazing afternoon and experience.  It gave me answers and  lifted a darkness from me.  I can’t believe  how long I was under hypnosis as it only felt like minutes.  Your energy is amazing and I felt  totally  comfortable.

Love and light

Kathy, March, 2019

Thanks Judy, it was very nice to meet you and you’re such a beautiful person and made me feel so comfortable.
 Just when we thought all was lost and I ended up having an amazing experience, all I can say is WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!

My partner has listened to it 3 times now and says the same every time. lol. Once again thank you so much for helping me get a kick in the backside hahahahaha.

Gavin, March, 2019

“Judy is a genuine warm caring guide who led me into a state of awareness to seek clarity to my life issues and health.  It is a healing process which is ongoing.

Through the connection with my Higher Self I have also gained a deeper understanding of the expansion of consciousness and earth’s role in the Universe.”

Jo, Feb 2019

“I recently had a QHHT session with Judy. 

After a lifetime of angst and fighting with my father that I no longer wanted to carry around, I thought QHHT would be worth a try.

Just the initial “counselling” about my life story was healing enough but with Judy’s gentle voice and expert guidance I achieved a profound release through past life regression.

I observed from a safe place where the angst and anger with my father stemmed from. It was not pleasant but with Judy’s guidance I could see it but not have to feel the experience; hence a letting go of much pain and trauma 

I no longer feel this anger and anxiety when around my father and a lifetime of neck issues has been resolved. My body feels more relaxed and I no longer dwell on arguments with him in my head.

I would highly recommend a QHHT session with Judy to let go if whatever is holding you back and no longer serving.

Gentle but profound healing is the result.

Vicki, Feb 2019

My QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Judy Cocu was an amazing experience that sent me in a totally new direction in life. It opened a world to me that I could never have imagined. Judy is exceptional at her craft. I can’t recommend her enough.

Lynda, Feb 19