Session Stories

Each and every QHHT session that I facilitate, yields so much information! It is an incredibly fascinating experience listening to and delving into my clients’ stories.

I trust you will enjoy these as much as I do!!!!

As the story unfolds, in comes the scene of looking over a body of water to buildings on the other side.  There was a round one, a pyramid, a square, rectangle and a triangle and possibly more shapes.

The pyramid was of gold and white and was where the “sparks” came to decide what lessons and experiences they wanted in their incarnation.   It housed the knowledge which was absorbed by the spark and was a nurturing place before going into one of the other buildings.  These other buildings were related to the planet or place of incarnation.  So the sparks, depending on where they wanted to incarnate, would proceed from the pyramid to the appropriate building before incarnating on the chosen place.

The round building was in preparation for those who were entering the underwater worlds.  A glimpse of one of the life forms showed a dolphin like being who could also go on land.  These had legs of a kind that retracted when in water.

The other buildings were out of the client’s knowledge.

Next, we were amongst a civilization of light brown shortish people and another race of tall, light blue beings.  These light blue beings were causing disharmony through wanting to control the others.  Eventually a battle ensued where the blue beings had no regard for the lives of the others.  The blue beings disappeared and the lives of the brown skinned people resumed to how it had been before the others had infiltrated their community.

They were people that slept very little, only when a large amount of energy was required.  They had small huts of natural materials where they could sleep if they needed to.  Whilst the blue beings were there, food was limited, but after they departed there was an abundance of fruits and vegetables of many colours.  The people were joyous, loving and creative.  They loved music and dancing and lived in perfect harmony with the planet.

They worked with crystals, making wands and other healing tools and also had custody of a very large white crystal.  All the community took care of this crystal by giving love, which was then magnified and returned outwards.  By each person caring for this, no one had more power and so the community thrived on cooperation and love.

There were other bigger buildings as well.  These were for healing and were made from marble and crystal.  Crystals, for their healing tools, were found in the caves and tunnels.  They were readily available for those of the correct frequency.  Only if the earth approved of the intention and integrity of the person wanting the crystals, would they be released to them.

Life continued in joyous harmony until the vibration changed.  This was a time of great celebration.  It was time to leave and go to a higher dimension.  This didn’t happen all at once, but was a steady stream of “the lights blinking out”.  When this happened, the person either ascended to the next dimension or returned to the gold and white pyramid to decide if they were to incarnate again or be a spark of source.   Eventually, all left.   This was Lemuria.

The following post is ongoing, cropping up all the time!

Every so often a theme keeps appearing. Just recently, that theme was the power of thought and how each and every thought determines our entire life experience or, in other words, our reality.

It lies entirely within you to create the life that you want. We all hold tremendous power, but for the most part, are unaware that we do so.

Imagine what you could understand if you observed each thought – the positivity or negativity, the creativity, the intricate detail, the feeling associated with it! Imagine then changing a thought into something that is powerfully positive and projecting it!

Thought is energy and energy creates form. You create what you think!!